Welcome to the DMDC Library

When I was a kid, my family moved a lot. I attended five different elementary schools and four different high schools, in five different states.

I did not enjoy the most stable childhood, but I saw a lot of interesting stuff.

No matter where I went, books were always there for me, and I spent a lot of time inside many different libraries. As I got older, I started hanging out inside bookstores. The ones with big sofas and coffee bars were the best.

Now I’m inviting you to come hang out in my library, and enjoy the books I’ve written for anybody who wants to curl up in a favorite spot with a beverage of their choice.

Yes, these books are free! I’m probably going to put a “donate” button of some kind on this site, later on… but as long as my books are inside the DMDC Library, they will remain free of charge to anyone who wants to enjoy them.

Here are the available titles:

APTIPS Online Handbook (in progress)

Brad Lee and The BIG 2K (in progress)

Emmaculum Maternity (in progress)