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Whhaaaat… you expected a better photo? Come on, I’m a voiceover guy. Why would I want to break the spell, by showing you where that warm, sexy, smooth baritone actually comes from? I’m happy to share a few bits about my VO career, though. In 2010, I started out doing mostly radio spots, online adverts, promos, and tags. Around 2013, local game devs and studios were calling me for character work, which was fun. Then in 2015, explainers and training videos became a big part of my regular workload, and that’s what eventually steered me toward audiobooks and narration. Since then, I’ve produced hundreds of hours of long-form material, and I’m really looking forward to producing at least that much more! Got a project that needs my voice? Send me an email, and we’ll get things started.


Full-time VO guy since 2010.
You need my VOX? Let’s talk!

How DJT Lost The White House, by Patrick Byrne

Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance

The King, by Eris

A Walk To Nowhere, by Lawson Ray

Destiny’s Fools, by CM Weller

Commercial Voiceover Demo Reel

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